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Buried Demotivational Poster


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lgvernon - March 31, 2016, 11:45 am

Let's hope so, JW.
JesusWept - March 31, 2016, 7:42 am
Is that a tornado shelter or something? Clever haha.

A BAD DAY - Is having over 2 feet of snow in one night. A terrible day, is forgetting where you parked.

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5150monkeylove - March 20, 2011, 9:50 pm
I think it was in another poster about a month ago... terrible day was digging out some random car by accident


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nicholsjoshua15 - March 26, 2013, 6:49 pm
I didn't know Chuck Norris was Russian.

Schrodinger's grave -

There were things you wanted to tell me -

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Reality Lord - October 29, 2016, 6:16 am

mizzdizz - October 28, 2016, 11:35 pm
Excellent, 69! Glad you're making posters again and showing us how it's done. ^!